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You Are Not Foreign For Us If you are undergraduate and junior college foreign student or in the Institute of Social Sciences, If you think that entering Sakarya's business life would gain new opportunities to you, If you want to learn organizational structure by the way of working there, If you want to use your knowledge about your country and language skills in this companies, If you made your General Health Insurance,   You can also make your optional internship at Sakarya companies. GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT The main beneficiaries of the project are SME which are established in Sakarya and  foreign students who are studying in Sakarya University. Factors that promote this project can be expressed as follows:   Sakarya maintains its place in the top ranking for a long time about export.   On the other hand there is 2300 foreign student at Sakarya University.Moreover, our target is doubling this number in a little while.Although these students are the way of an element to become an international university,they can not comminucate in a close contact with other students and stakeholders.about social and economic life.   It is aimed to meet these students with SMEs owing to this project. Our goal is to present an opportunity to foreign students to make their interns in our city's companies.While Sakarya firms will get new suppliers,partners and global markets with this twinning,foreign students will get an opportunity to develop themselves and get know more our city. Besides their internships will be appreciated by ECTS.   Thus, win-win relationship will be obtained by matching Sakarya SME's experiece  and our f… All >>